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We put our money where our heart is! We genuinely believe in preserving our pristine environment, here in beautiful Marin County. As an official Star Smog Station, we are especially commited to efforts to promote cleaner air.
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To help promote these efforts in a concrete manner, we support the great work being done by our MARIN CONSERVATION LEAGUE, as a Business Member. Click their logo to learn more about their mission and how they are making our lives and the lives of future generations in Marin that much safer, healthier, richer.
Community The Canal area, where we are based, has one of the lowest human development indices in the country. The good folk at the CANAL ALLIANCE are working hard to change that. Their efforts cover a holistic set of human needs, to enable people to truly excel. We, at San Rafael Smog, are proud to add our bit to their efforts. Your business helps us help CANAL ALLIANCE help the community. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and them. 
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