Made the smog process easy and quick! Definitely coming back again in the future. Low price and open on Sundays.
— Sandra D.
Would highly recommend this place. After coming to Santa Rosa to locate a smog shop open on Sunday's only to discover none were even though they said they were we located this place. They took care of us immediately and we were out within 30 minutes. Nice lounge to wait in too.
— Janice D.
Amazing, 10/10, quick, clean, efficient, reliable, helpful, etc.

Great place. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get smog tested. Plus, it's star certified.
— Will D.
Courteous, fast, and easy. Nice waiting room, clean, with free WiFi, comfortable couch, and interesting reading material. (Also K-cup coffee, which I'm not taking advantage of for environmental reasons; super wasteful, but I won't fault them for it.) Came in at 8:20 on a Friday morning and was seen immediately. Dude smogging my car is wearing a cool sweatsuit too.
— Steve P.
What a cool place, I'm being coming to this place for many years and Im always satisfied with the staff and good customer service.
I really appreciate FERHAT when he work on my car he is really knowledge and he will tell you what's going on with your car Rate Away
Good luck!!!!!
— Luis A.
I live in the city. Last time I needed my car smogged I left it to the last minute and the place I took it too charged me $80. Not this time! With the Yelp coupon my smog check came out to $40 (with the dmv fee or whatever) out the door. Oh, it also took less than 15 minutes as I was the only one there. I had some other errands to run in the area so getting this done so easily was great.
— Max M.
Quick, easy, friendly. I would recommend if you're in the area and need a smog test done - takes about 10 minutes (if there's no wait).
— Emily M.
Quick note to say this little shop was friendly, efficient and affordable. I called and they said it would take 15 minutes and it actually did!
I was invited to get a cup of fresh coffee and wait in the waiting room.
Then I enjoyed chatting with the very personable owner as he quickly did the smog procedure, 15 minutes later I paid and I was on my way.
My smog certificate was uploaded immediately to DMV when
I registered the car 30 minutes later. Check them out, great experience and really nice people.
— Paul M.
Fast, quick and easy. Literally took 5 minutes. Drive in at 8:30 am and had no wait. Check in on Yelp when younger there for their special- $29.99- can't beat it .
— Eva C.
Really nice experience. Great and friendly staff. Ferhat was super quick, friendly and highly experienced guy, it didn't take him more than 5-10 mins and the smog test was done.
I would highly recommend it for everyone.
— Taher F.
Called and spoke to Frank. Drove down and he took great care of me. Price was great. Will definitely go there again! Thank you
— Jackie L.
Great service and the smog test was completed in only 10 minutes (I arrived at opening time during the week). Pricing was reasonable at $40 for my Prius with certificate. I will use this business again.
— Gina P.
an rafel smog was very fast and easy, and the inspector was very friendly and knowledgeable. overall my experience was exelent
— Joe R.
I called ahead of time to see if there was a line, but the owner told me to come on in. I arrived around 2:30 pm and Carlos greeted me and immediately brought my car in for inspection. I had a cup of coffee while i filled out paperwork and within 15 mins I was paid for and out the door. This place is legit, the reviews are legit, and I promised Carlos I would leave a yelp review to help promote him. There was no price haggling when mentioning the internet ad, no deception, just pure speedy service at an unbeatable price.

It is a no brainer, go and see this shop, you will be grateful you did.
— Munther H.
Easy and quick! I did not have to mention the website price of $29.75 before work began; it was already included on my form. Heads up, they do charge $10 for trucks and SUVs though my Forrester got a car rate.

The lounge area has coffee and wifi so you can work as you're waiting, and the ample parking in the back simplifies things nicely. I'll go again.
— Jessie R.
No appointments, first come, first served - is the policy at San Rafael Smog. That's always a risk, and you never know if you're going to be spending an entire day at place like this - and I have a low threshold for uncertainty. But, considering the nature of this business, I understand why (every vehicle comes with its own smog related quirks - especially older ones - and two cars of the same marque and model year might have two very different outcomes when tested). It's impossible to tell if the car ahead of you will take 10mins or 45mins.

Perhaps I just got lucky, but I breezed in on Wednesday mid afternoon and got taken care of immediately - no wait, no fuss.

Chris, the owner, gave me great attentive service and explained his actions as he moved through the process - demystifying the procedure. I always like that.

FWIW - the car ahead of me was of the older variety and took some extra-special attention to get through the process. It was clear that Chris was doing everything he could to help the owner get through the smog test with success. I arrived on the tail end of that encounter to witness a very happy car enthusiast drive away.

It should be noted that Chris was filling in for an absent employee on this day - so your mileage may vary. However, my experience was great and I would definitely recommend.
— Jedi M.